High-Throughput Screening


                   *Target-based Screening

                       *Phenotypic Screening



HTS is an innovative approach within the drug discovery paradigm that combines multi-disciplinary knowledge with the integration of advanced technologies to expedite the identification and development of active molecules or "hits" into potential drug "leads" with desired therapeutic activity. The internationally validated HTS technologies have advantages such as the rapid detection of trace quantities with high sensitivity and accuracy. HTS decreases the amount of testing compound required such that only microgram quantities are needed, which permits certain natural products that are difficult to isolate and purify and for compounds that are difficult to synthesize to be assayed. Compounds can be tested multiple times in different screening models, thereby increasing the probability of discovering new leads and drug candidates.



Fig 1 Service process


ALL Chemistry has a professional team of scientists to provide customers with the HTS platform. And we have provided various compound library screening services for research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. ALL Chemistry's compound screening platform provides both phenotypic and target-based methodologies. Our capacity reaches approximately 100,000 sample screenings per day. Customers only need to hand over the compound library to us, and we will screen potential compounds through standard experimental procedures.



Fig 2 High-Throughput Screening (HTS) 


ALL Chemistry has three key success factors which a good HTS program requires:

-- A high-quality compound library (the most important)

-- Reproducible, predictive biological assays

-- Testing the library in the assay in a timely and cost-effective manner


Our Advantages


-- Diverse and complete compound libraries

-- Customizable services

-- Advanced equipment

-- Excellent professional, efficient and well-established team

-- Deliver tasks on time



Fig 3 (A) An example of molecular target-based assays. 

(B) An example of phenotype-based assays in drug discovery.

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