The Introduction of Sour:

Acids play a crucial role in the world of flavors and fragrances, adding depth, complexity, and a unique sensory experience to various products. These compounds, known for their tart or sour taste, are not only essential for creating delicious food and beverages but also for crafting captivating scents and perfumes. Acids are not only used individually but are also combined with other flavor and fragrance ingredients to create complex and harmonious compositions.

Uses of Sour:


Acids play a significant role in the creation of flavors and fragrances, adding a unique and desirable taste or scent to various products. These compounds, known for their tartness or sourness, are utilized by flavorists and perfumers to enhance and elevate the sensory experience.

--Flavor Enhancers: Acids are widely used in the flavor industry to enhance and intensify flavors. Their tart or sour taste acts as a natural flavor enhancer, providing a refreshing and mouthwatering experience. For example, citric acid is commonly employed to enhance the taste of citrus fruits, giving a vibrant and tangy profile to beverages, candies, and desserts. Similarly, malic acid is used to intensify the taste of fruits like apples and strawberries, creating a more pronounced and authentic flavor.

--Acidulants: Acids serve as acidulants, providing a necessary tartness to balance sweetness in food and beverage formulations. They play a crucial role in achieving a well-rounded and balanced flavor profile. Tartaric acid, for instance, is used in the production of wines to balance the sweetness of grapes, resulting in a harmonious and pleasant taste. Acids like citric acid and phosphoric acid are also utilized in carbonated beverages to provide a refreshing and zesty sensation.

--Preservation: Certain acids, such as acetic acid and citric acid, possess antimicrobial properties that aid in preserving food and beverage products. These acids create an acidic environment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and molds, extending the shelf life of various perishable goods. Vinegar, which contains acetic acid, is often used as a natural preservative for pickled products, while citric acid is utilized in fruit preserves and jams.

--Fragrance: Acids are not limited to the flavor industry; they also find applications in the creation of captivating fragrances. Their unique characteristics contribute to the complexity and richness of scents. For example, citric acid can provide a sparkling and effervescent quality to citrus-based fragrances, evoking a sense of freshness and vitality. Malic acid, with its fruity and tart aroma, adds a juicy and playful note to perfumes and colognes.

--pH Adjustment: Acids are used to adjust the pH of formulations inflavors and fragrances. pH plays a crucial role in determining the stability and overall sensory experience of a product. Acids are added to control and optimize the pH level, ensuring the desired taste or scent is achieved. This pH adjustment is especially important in the formulation of beverages, as it affects taste perception and shelf stability.


Fig 1 Acid flavor


Product Description:


Introducing Sour Flavors and Fragrances by ALL Chemistry, a collection of exceptional ingredients designed to add a tantalizing and sour twist to a wide range of products. Our carefully crafted sour flavors and fragrances are renowned for their ability to create a delightful sensory experience, bringing a burst of tanginess and excitement to your creations. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we offer a diverse portfolio of sour ingredients to meet the unique needs of our customers.

At ALL Chemistry, we prioritize quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our sour flavors and fragrances are meticulously developed using advanced techniques and undergo rigorous quality control to ensure exceptional performance and taste. With our expertise in flavor and fragrance chemistry, we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Experience the sour sensation that ALL Chemistry's Sour Flavors and Fragrances can bring to your products. Contact us today for our wide range of sour ingredients to give you a great shopping experience.


Product Advantage:


Stable Quality: Strict raw material purchasing standards, precise formula production and multi-layer product testing system make the quality of different batches of flavors stable and always maintain high quality.

High Purity: ALL chemistry supplies flavors and fragrances with purity greater than 95%.

Long Shelf-life: Our sour flavors and fragrances exhibit enhanced stability and an extended shelf life, this is particularly important for food industry.

Good Technical Service: A professional technical team provides you with comprehensive services.

Good Fragrance Experience: ALL Chemistry provides products with freshness, good diffusion and lasting fragrance.

High Safety: The product is safe and environmentally friendly, and has no adverse effects on the environment or the human body.

Product details

Geranyl isobutyrate is a high-quality aromatic compound offered by ALL Chemistry. This versatile ingredient is widely used in the fragrance and flavor industry, known for its pleasant scent and flavor profile. Here are the product details of our Geranyl Isobutyrate:


Fig 2 Geranyl isobutyrate


Product Name: geranyl isobutyrate

Chemical Formula: C14H24O2

CAS Number: 2345-26-8

Appearance: colorless liquid

Purity: 97%.

Solubility: insoluble in water; soluble in alcohol.

Description: colorless to light yellow liquid, with a light rose fragrance and a sweet apricot taste. Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents. Natural products exist in hops and valerian oil.


Please contact us for further information, including pricing, samples, and technical specifications. We look forward to providing our geranyl isobutyrate and other fine ingredients. In addition, ALL Chemistry can provide synthesis and fine chemicals service if the existing products can't meet your needs, we expertise in synthesis of a broad array of customized molecules, and we offer lab scale custom synthesis, biosynthesis, bioconjugation and analytical services.

Custom Chemical Synthesis is the process where a molecule is made exclusively for a particular client according to specifications at their scale. It is one of the options available for pharmaceutical companies requiring active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, fine chemicals, reference standards, impurities or metabolites needed to launch their research and development projects. We provide a seamless one stop process development service, effectively speeding up the process of new drug development and reducing overall costs. Available documents for custom synthesis projects: synthesis report, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance analyses (NMR), etc.

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