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Cell banking refers to the process of storing cells in a controlled environment to be used for future research, development, or therapeutic purposes. The cells can be derived from various sources, such as animals, plants, or humans. There are two main types of cell banking: master cell banking and working cell banking. Master cell banking involves the initial collection, characterization, and storage of a large number of cells from a single cell line. Working cell banking involves the expansion of cells from the master cell bank for use in research or production.

Cell banking is an essential component of many biotech and pharmaceutical companies' operations, as it provides a consistent and reliable source of cells for research and development. It also plays a critical role in the development of cell-based therapies, such as stem cell therapies, where the cells need to be carefully characterized and stored to ensure their safety and efficacy.

ALL Chemistry Inc.’s complete package of cell bank production (master cell bank, working cell bank), GMP cell bank storage, and cell line characterization will help streamline your testing and turnaround time. Our Cell Bank Timeline Planner allows you to plan a program to meet your deadlines.

At ALL Chemistry Inc., we can provide cell bank production and storage services. Our capabilities involved:

Cell Line Selection: A suitable cell line is selected based on its desired characteristics, such as growth rate, morphology, and expression of specific markers.

Cell Culture: The cells are grown in a controlled environment to ensure their optimal growth and viability. This typically involves the use of cell culture media and sterile techniques to prevent contamination.

Characterization: The cells are extensively characterized to ensure their purity, identity, and stability. This may involve analyzing the cells' genetic makeup, phenotype, and growth characteristics.

Master Cell Bank (MCB) Creation: A large batch of cells is cryopreserved in a master cell bank, which serves as a backup source for future cell banking.

Working Cell Bank (WCB) Creation: A smaller batch of cells is expanded from the MCB and cryopreserved in a working cell bank. This serves as the primary source of cells for research or production.

Quality Control: Regular quality control checks are performed on the cells in the WCB to ensure their stability, purity, and identity.

Storage: The cells are stored in a controlled environment, typically at very low temperatures, to maintain their viability and stability.

Cell bank production and storage are critical for ensuring the reproducibility and consistency of cell-based experiments and therapies. ALL Chemistry Inc. focus on careful attention to detail, strict quality control, and specialized storage facilities to ensure the cells' long-term stability and viability.

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