Custom Protein Services


ALL Chemistry Inc. is experienced in recombinant protein development and manufacturing. We have the systems, strategies, capabilities and capacity to address many of the most common challenges. ALL Chemistry Inc. offers a comprehensive custom protein service starting from protein production to in vitro modification.


Protein Production


Custom protein production is the process of creating proteins with specific characteristics for use in research or other applications. It involves the use of recombinant DNA technology to create proteins with desired properties. Custom protein production can be used to create proteins with specific functions, such as enzymes, antibodies, or receptors, or to modify existing proteins to improve their properties. It can also be used to create proteins with novel structures or to produce proteins in large quantities for use in drug development or other applications.

ALL Chemistry Inc. provides high-quality, custom-made proteins for research and development purposes. We offer our customers the latest in protein production technology. And our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, from drug discovery to protein engineering and structural biology. Each project is customizable through working directly with our team of highly trained scientists.


Custom Protein Libraries


Custom protein libraries are collections of proteins that have been designed and synthesized to meet specific research needs. They are used in a variety of applications, including drug discovery, protein engineering, and functional genomics. Custom protein libraries can be created using a variety of techniques, including phage display, DNA shuffling, and directed evolution. If you are spending valuable time in the lab preparing plates to use in your research, allow R&D Systems, with its legacy of best-in-class, high quality proteins, to lighten the load and streamline your process. Select your proteins of interest and let us do the pipetting.


Our advantages


-- Choose from 5000+ bioactive proteins

-- In a convenient ready-to-use liquid format

-- Ideal for high-throughput screening

-- Speed up your workflows


In Vitro Modification


Conjugated proteins can be powerful tools to assess protein-protein interactions in a range of assay formats including immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, immunoassays, and surface plasmon resonance. To be successful, it is crucial that conjugation does not affect protein structure or activity. At ALL Chemistry Inc., we specialize in the modification of proteins to create new and improved products. Our technology is based on the use of chemical reactions to modify the structure of proteins and peptides, allowing us to create products with enhanced properties.


Available in vitro Protein Modifications


-- Biotinylation

-- PEGylation

-- Fluorescent probe labeling

-- Non-standard chemical labels

-- Others. (Please inquiry)

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