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Cell line engineering and development refers to the process of modifying or creating cell lines for specific research or production purposes. This can involve genetic modifications, such as gene knockouts or knock-ins, as well as optimizing cell culture conditions to improve cell growth, viability, and productivity. Cell line engineering and development can be used in a variety of fields, including biopharmaceuticals, gene therapy, and basic research. For example, researchers may engineer cell lines to produce specific proteins for use in drug development or to study the molecular mechanisms of diseases. In biopharmaceuticals, cell lines may be engineered to produce large quantities of therapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, for use in treatments.


ALL Chemistry Inc. offers cell line engineering and development services which include:


Gene editing: Using CRISPR/Cas9 or other gene editing technologies to modify genes in cell lines, such as knocking out or knocking in specific genes.

Cell line development: Developing new cell lines from scratch or optimizing existing cell lines for specific research or production needs, such as improving protein expression.

Cell culture optimization: Optimizing cell culture conditions, such as media, growth factors, and bioreactor parameters, to improve cell growth, viability, and productivity.

Cell line characterization: Characterizing cell lines to ensure they meet specific quality and safety standards, such as verifying identity, purity, and stability.

Contract research: Providing customized cell line engineering and development services for specific research or production needs.


Cell line development is the process of creating or optimizing cell lines to meet specific research or production needs. This can involve a range of activities, such as selecting the right cell type, optimizing culture conditions, and engineering or modifying the cells to achieve desired properties. In the context of biopharmaceuticals, cell line development is a crucial step in the production of therapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies. Researchers may use a variety of techniques to optimize cell lines for high yield and consistency of protein expression, such as genetic engineering, optimization of culture conditions, and screening of cell clones.

ALL Chemistry Inc. focuses on cell line engineering and development services. Our gene editing platform is ideal for producing your protein whether it is for human therapeutics, animal health, diagnostic, or research applications.


Discovery services:


Molecular design, protein engineering

Variant analysis through high through put transient expression

Developability services


Development services:


Cell line generation for therapeutics, diagnostics and research reagents

Extensive analytical capabilities including Biosimilar package

Upstream process development

Downstream process development

MCB preparation

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