Cell and Virus Bank Testing


A cell bank is a collection of living cells that are stored in a laboratory for use in research and therapeutic applications. Cell banks are typically stored in a liquid medium such as a nutrient broth or serum and frozen at low temperatures to preserve their viability. Cells in the bank are monitored regularly to ensure they remain viable and of the desired quality. Establishing a cell bank involves several steps. First, the cells must be obtained from a reliable source and tested for quality and safety. The cells must then be stored in an appropriate medium such as nutrient broth or serum and frozen at low temperatures. The cells must then be regularly monitored to ensure their viability and quality. Finally, the cell bank must be managed with appropriate tracking and documentation protocols to ensure that the cells are not contaminated or lost.

Cell banks are at the very core of any operation involving microbial fermentations, but might also be a source of devastating phage outbreaks. ALL Chemistry Inc. offers routine and emergency testing services. We offer routine and as-required cell bank testing, including:

Master Cell Bank (MCB)

Working Cell Bank (WCB)

Research Cell Bank (RCB)

Our cell bank testing services include cell identification, mycoplasma, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria inspection, exogenous virus contamination inspection, chromosome inspection and tumorigenicity inspection.


Virus Bank Testing


A virus bank is a repository of viruses that can be used for research and development purposes. It stores different types of viruses, such as retroviruses, adenoviruses, and poxviruses, in a secure and sterile environment. The viruses are stored at low temperatures, and each sample is carefully monitored to ensure its safety and quality. Virus banks allow researchers to access a variety of viral strains for study and experimentation.

ALL Chemistry Inc. offers a broad range of virus bank characterization service for biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutics and pre-clinic/clinic products. Combining the latest instruments and technique, we will provide a precise and trusted testing result for virus bank characterization. Considering virus bank characterization is on a case-by-case basis, our skilled and knowledgeable virologists will assist you in making a plan and subsequent test analysis to meet your need. Please contact us for a detailed solution.

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