Bioorganic Chemistry


Bioorganic chemistry uses chemistry to further our understanding of biological processes. Bioorganic chemistry has a strong influence on the development of all disciplines of the medical and biological profile. It is closely connected with the solution of important issues of practical public health. The field of bioorganic chemistry currently emphasizes more on the molecular recognition as well as the study of drug action, problems in biosynthesis, protein engineering, molecular evolution, supramolecular chemistry, and many other allied subjects.


ALL Chemistry Inc. provides the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of the most important classes of organic molecules for the chemistry of life including fats and oils, sugars, proteins, and nucleic acids, bioorganic small nucleosides, peptides, and related conjugated compounds. And we also use optimized chemical conjugation technology to provide conjugated bodies of small molecule drugs with antibodies, proteins, peptides and nucleotides to discover new functional molecules to facilitate drug development.   


Specific package expansion


-- Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC)

-- PEGylation: conjugating PEG to small molecules, peptides or proteins

-- Conjugate modification of proteins and peptides

-- Cross-linking peptides and proteins

-- Derivatization chemistry with biotin, fluorescent dyes, enzymes and custom-made compounds

-- Microspheres, nanoparticles and surface immobilization

-- Biocatalysis Services


Additional Service


-- Protein/Peptide structure analysis

-- ADCs characterization service

-- Cell counting, ELISA, Drug activity testing

-- Cell culture, Cell imaging, Drug toxicity testing

-- Instrument platform (MALDI-TOF, HPLC, NMR, IEX, ESI-TOF, etc)


ALL Chemistry Inc. aims to provide global customers with professional chemical products and custom solutions. If you are interested in our products or services, please contact us. Our R&D scientists will make a detailed plan and technical support manager will prepare a quotation for you.

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