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HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) columns are essential components of the HPLC system that separate and purify complex mixtures of chemicals, such as proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and small molecules. The columns are filled with packing material or stationary phase, consisting of small particles of silica gel or resin, which interact with the sample molecules based on their physicochemical properties, such as size, charge, hydrophobicity, and polarity.

There are various types of HPLC columns, each with unique properties and applications. The most common types of HPLC columns include: reversed-phase columns, normal-phase columns, ion exchange columns, size exclusion columns and affinity columns. The choice of HPLC column depends on the specific sample and analytical requirements, such as the type of solvent, the flow rate, the detection method, and the detection sensitivity. At ALL Chemistry Inc., we offer a range of HPLC columns to meet the diverse needs of our customers' analytical applications.

ALL Chemistry Inc. provides custom HPLC columns are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements of customers' analytical applications. At ALL Chemistry Inc., our Custom HPLC Columns Service provides a range of options for customized columns to meet the unique demands of each customer.


The process of designing and manufacturing custom HPLC columns includes the following steps:


Consultation: Our experts will work closely with customers to understand their specific needs, such as the type and complexity of the sample, the resolution and sensitivity required, and the specific detection method used.

Design: Based on the consultation, we will design a customized HPLC column that meets the unique requirements of the customer. For example, the stationary phase, column length, and inner diameter can be customized to optimize the separation of the target analytes.

Manufacturing: Our team will manufacture the HPLC column using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. We use strict quality control measures to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of our custom HPLC columns.

Testing: Before shipment, we will test the HPLC column to ensure optimal performance. This will include testing for resolution, efficiency, and peak shape.

Support: We offer ongoing support to our customers, including troubleshooting, column conditioning, and maintenance recommendations.


Benefits of our Custom HPLC Columns Service include:


Customized design to meet specific application requirements

High-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques

Thorough testing to ensure optimal performance

Ongoing support and maintenance recommendations


Contact us today to learn more about our Custom HPLC Columns Service and how we can help optimize your analytical applications.

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