Antibody-drug Conjugates(ADC)


ADCs are one of the most promising new classes of drugs for treating cancers that are difficult to treat with traditional chemotherapy and believed to be the "next big thing" in the field of cancer therapy. They have the potential to revolutionize the way cancer is treated by targeting only cancer cells while sparing normal cells. ADCs are highly selective for cancer cells, reducing the side effects associated with traditional chemotherapy and radiation. They do not an entire organ or organ systems, but only target specific cancer cells, reducing toxicity to healthy tissues. ADCs also have the potential to penetrate the tumor microenvironment, theoretically resulting in better tumor response rates.


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Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) harness the power of antibodies to target drugs to specific cells, resulting in improved therapeutic efficacy and better toxicity profiles than traditional cancer therapies. ADCs link an antibody to a potent cytotoxic drug via a biodegradable linker, enabling the antibody to recognize and bind to cell surface targets, and the drug to kill those cells. ADCs are designed to target cell-surface markers typical of cancer cells, such as overexpressed proteins. The antibody portion of the ADC binds to the cell surface marker, while the drug portion remains tethered to the antibody, localized to a small area of the cell membrane. Once targeted to the surface of the cancer cell, the ADC delivers a high dose of the drug, killing the cell.


At this stage of clinical development, existing ADCs have demonstrated clinical benefits, but have yet to show substantial improvement in overall survival. However, clinical trials and preclinical studies continue to be conducted to address questions related to efficacy and toxicity. As the science behind ADCs continues to evolve, more targeted, potent and safe therapeutic options for treating cancer are being developed. It is an exciting area of research, and one that has the potential to provide much needed hope for cancer patients.


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