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Peptide arrays are an rapidly growing technology with a broad range of applications in the basic and applied life sciences research and development. ALL Chemistry provides peptide arrays with high quality and purity, and ensures the consistency of product quality in different batches. In addition, we also provide comprehensive downstream services such as epitope mapping, protein characterization or preparation of peptide libraries , which require milligram scale or purified peptides of >95% for your assay or proteomic applications.


Introduction of Custom Peptide Array /Matrix


Peptide arrays are selections of distinct peptide sequences attached to solid support like a glass slide or a membrane. As a high-throughput research tool, peptide array is novel biochip, on which hundreds and thousands of specially designed peptides are synthesized in situ on specially processed high dense matrix by automatic robots. Using this biochip, scientists can reveal the secret of protein-protein interactions more effectively. Depending on the purpose of the screening, different array formats can be generated. Peptide synthesis is performed by automated instrumentation, and individual coupling reactions are followed by monitoring the fluorescence absorption of the Fmoc protecting group, as well as the colorimetric staining of the free amine on the spots. After the final cycle, peptides can be acetylated at the N-terminal and then side chain deprotected. The fidelity of the peptide synthesis is monitored by synthesizing a standard control peptide probed with a known antibody. Control peptides are synthesized and analyzed for purity by mass spectroscopy and HPLC. Peptides can be placed unbound on a plate, in individual tubes or attached to beads for Luminex assay applications.

Peptide arrays are widely used in drug screening, target validation, epitope mapping, vaccine development, and structure-activity studies. There is an ever increasing demand from large pharmaceutical companies due to the expanding interest in peptide drugs. Screening peptides for potentially active compounds using peptide arrays is a convenient method for applications such as drug development. Drug screening is a crucial step in the process of drug discovery and development. It involves testing a large number of compounds. Epitope mapping is another important aspect in the field of immunology, where researchers identify the specific regions on antigens that are recognized by antibodies or T cells. Vaccine development is a complex process that involves formulating antigens to stimulate an immune response against a particular pathogen or disease. Structure-activity studies focus on understanding the relationship between the chemical structure of a compound and its biological activity.


Fig.1 Technical components of peptide arrays



Details of Custom Peptide Array /Matrix


--Epitope Mapping: Epitope mapping is a technique used to identify and characterize the specific regions on an antigen that are recognized by antibodies or T cells. This process is crucial in understanding the immune response to pathogens or diseases and in designing targeted therapies or vaccines. Design your custom peptide array for a simple approach to mapping epitopes or other binding areas by a set of overlapping peptides from any protein sequence.

--Substitution Analysis: Substitution analysis is a method employed to investigate the role of individual amino acids within an epitope. Substitution analysis of a peptide reveals critical amino acids or possible improvement of binding by amino acid exchanges.

--Truncation Analysis: Truncation analysis helps to discover the shortest possible sequence that retains the activity by systematically decreasing the length of a peptide of your interest from the C-terminus as well as from the N-terminus. This technique helps to determine the critical parts of an epitope and provides valuable information for the design of peptide-based vaccines or immunotherapies.

--Random Peptide Library Screening: Synthesis of a random peptide library with your parameters or with one of our standard random peptide libraries with 1200 random 15mer or 12mer peptide sequences in order to identify bioactive peptides.

--Combinatorial Peptide Library Screening: Combinatorial peptide libraries are useful tools for identification of bioactive peptides starting with a peptide library that represents all possible peptide sequences.

--Cluster Peptide Library Screening: Cluster peptide library screening is a method used in drug discovery to identify peptides or small molecules that bind to specific target proteins. It involves the synthesis of a library of peptides with diverse sequences and screening them against the target protein of interest.


Custom Peptide Array /Matrix at ALL Chemistry


Based on your proteins of interest, ALL Chemistry can design an appropriate peptide library and provide a custom peptide microarray for high-throughput screening, so as to meet your further needs in the process of new drug development. Based on our advanced peptide array platform, we can also provide comprehensive downstream services such as eptiope mapping. If you need up to milligram scale or more of guaranteed purified peptides (purity up to 95%) for your assay or proteomics applications, you may also choose our rapid and high-throughput peptide library services.


Advantages of Our Services


We guarantee the quality of each and every peptide produced. All purified peptides will be delivered with the MS/HPLC reports.

-- High density and high throughput. Tens of thousands of proteins-polypeptide biochemical reactions can be determined simultaneously.

-- High Specificity. Mechanism of protein binding can be deeply revealed by accurate positioning of specific antibody epitope and protein binding regions.

-- Low cost, short cycle and simple operation. The cost of "peptide array chip" is a hundredth of biological culture.

-- Accuracy and reliability: stable purity, clear result and easy to analyze.

-- Comprehensive modifications: Our modification services include biotin, FITC, phosphor, etc.

-- Instant online quotation: Convenient online submission of your peptide array requirement.


Project Workflow


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