Fluorescent Labeling


The fluorescent label allows for the visualization and tracking of the labeled molecules in biological systems. This technique is commonly used in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and other imaging and detection methods in biological research. Fluorescent labeling is a powerful tool for investigating biological systems at the molecular and cellular level, which is widespread in biological research and includes:

Visualizing cellular and molecular structures: Fluorescent labeling allows for the visualization of cellular and molecular structures in living cells and tissues, providing insights into their function and behavior.

Studying protein interactions: Fluorescent labeling can be used to study protein-protein interactions, protein-DNA interactions, and other molecular interactions.

Measuring gene expression: Fluorescent labeling can be used to measure gene expression levels in cells or tissues.

Detecting and identifying pathogens: Fluorescent labeling can be used to detect and identify pathogens in clinical and environmental samples.

Monitoring cellular processes: Fluorescent labeling can be used to monitor cellular processes such as cell division, migration, and differentiation.

Drug discovery: Fluorescent labeling can be used to screen for potential drug candidates by tracking their interactions with target molecules.


ALL Chemistry Inc. provides fluorescent labeling services, which can attach fluorescent molecules to molecules of interest, such as proteins, nucleic acids, or small molecules. At ALL Chemistry Inc., we provide high-quality fluorescent labeling services for a wide range of applications in molecular biology and biochemistry. Our experienced team of scientists and technicians are dedicated to delivering customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


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