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Bioactive compound libraries are composed of bioactive compounds, a general term for a class of substances that can cause certain biological effects in the body, which are the main source of small molecule drugs. Bioactive compounds can be used for drug function reorientation, cell induction, pharmacological research, target confirmation, etc., for that they are easily penetrate the cell membrane to act on specific target proteins in cells, which regulate intracellular signaling pathways and then cause some changes in cell phenotype.


ALL Chemistry Inc. has collected more than 40000 bioactive compounds with known bioactivity, covering all areas of biomedical research and development, including enzyme inhibitors, receptor ligands, and ion channel regulators for different molecular targets (such as kinases, GPCRs, ion channels) and activity areas (e.g. biotechnology, epigenetics, antiviral or antibacterial research). Safety and effectiveness of the compounds has been demonstrated by literature, preclinical and clinical research, and many compounds are FDA-approved. Kinds of library products are in stock and ready to ship. Meanwhile, ALL Chemistry Inc. offers customized bioactive compound library service at various stages, from compound library creation, storage, to management. For customized bioactive compound library you can choose:

*Specific compounds

*Plate Map (96/384-well)
*Concentration (5 - 50 mM)

*Format (Pre-dissolved DMSO Solution or Solid)


And, we will track the latest scientific innovations to update our database and bring the newest small molecules to our clients. We promise you: 

    -- Safety and Effective: Bioactivity and safety confirmed by literature, patent reports and preclinical/clinical research.

    -- Stringent Quality Control: LC/MS, HPLC and NMR reports.

    -- Turnaround time: Typically 3-4 week

    -- Documents: Plate layout, IC50 


Besides, you can send us your research target and we'll customize the feasible screening library. Please feel free to contact us at to get more information. 


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