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Crystallization is a crucial step in the purification and characterization of many substances, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. ALL Chemistry Inc. provides crystallization services which covers the processes and techniques used to produce uniform and high-quality crystals of various materials, including small molecules, proteins, and other biomolecules. ALL Chemistry Inc. offers a range of services, including optimization of crystallization conditions, crystal screening, crystallography, and crystal structure determination. These services can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client, and they can help to ensure the production of high-quality crystals that are suitable for further research and development.



X-ray crystallography-based characterization is a method used to determine the 3D structure of a crystallized material, such as a protein or a small molecule. This technique involves shining an X-ray beam onto a crystal and measuring the resulting diffraction pattern to determine the position of each atom within the crystal. The diffraction pattern is produced by the X-rays interacting with the electrons in the crystal lattice, and the resulting pattern provides information on the position and intensity of the diffracted X-rays.

X-ray crystallography-based characterization is a powerful tool for understanding the structure and function of biomolecules, as it allows researchers to determine the precise arrangement of atoms within a molecule. This information can be used to study the interactions between molecules, as well as to design drugs and other therapeutics that can target specific molecular structures.

X-ray crystallography-based characterization requires the production of high-quality crystals, which can be achieved through the use of crystallization services. Once a crystal has been produced, it is subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis, which involves measuring the intensity and angle of the diffracted X-rays. The resulting diffraction pattern is then used to calculate the positions of the atoms within the crystal lattice.


Protein-Drug Complex Structure Determination

Protein Crystallization for X-ray Crystallography


Overall, X-ray crystallography-based characterization is an important technique for studying the structure and function of biological molecules, and it has revolutionized our understanding of the molecular basis of disease and drug action.

ALL Chemistry Inc.'s X-ray crystallography services assist clients in employing X-ray crystallography characterization in their drug discovery, and provide facilities and expertise for the growth of diffraction-order single crystals of proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules and their complexes. In particular, Our expertise is in the co-crystallization of protein with small molecules.

There are several types of crystallization services available, including:

-- Preparation of crystallization solution

-- Optimization of crystallization conditions

-- Crystal Screening

-- Early image recognition and identification of crystals

-- Crystal diffraction data collection

-- Crystal structure determination

-- Use different protein expression systems to provide overall structure determination from genes to crystal structures

We are confident of providing high-quality crystallization services. Feel free to contact us for a consultation and proposal for your project.

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