Overlapping Peptide Array Service


ALL Chemistry offers high-quality peptide array service to our clients by using SPOT technology to synthesize large numbers of peptides in small amounts on cellulose membranes for in situ assay and screening.


Custom Overlapping Peptide Array Service


Overlapping Peptide Array Services, which are based on the advanced high-throughput peptide array platform, have been designed and manufactured for scientists pursuing large combinatorial arrays of peptides, peptidomimetics and peptide derivatives. Each peptide array is individually tested for quality, purity and quantity to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. We also provide comprehensive downstream services such as epitope mapping, protein characterization, or preparation of peptide libraries, which require milligram scale or purified peptides (>95%) for your assay or proteomic applications.



By incubating peptide array with bait proteins (such as serum antibodies, pure and partially purified proteins, and other biomolecules), the (sub-) domains (such as epitopes of an antigen, binding motifs for a bait protein, etc.) in the target protein can be quickly identified.


Service Specification


-- Lyophilized peptides, 5-250 nmole in each well of a 96-well plate

-- >75% purity

-- The array is best suited for peptides that are 12-18 amino acids in length. Max length is 24 amino acids

-- No cross contamination

-- Quality Control: MALDI-TOF QC and COA

-- Modification: Biotin, FITC, phosphorylation

-- Linker options: C- terminal (β-Alanine), C-terminal amino acid or others

-- Turnaround time: Typically, 2-3 week

-- QC of each plate (analysis tiers listed below)

-- High signal-to-noise ratio (low background) for superior imaging


Applications of Overlapping Peptide Array Service


-- Epitope Mapping, Antigenic Cluster, and Autoantibody Discovery

-- Immune Response Monitoring (Serum Antibody Profiling or antibodyome)

-- Mapping Binding Motifs/Domains of Protein-Protein Interaction

-- Identification of Phosphorylated Site of a Kinase

-- Probing Binding Motifs/Domains of a Protein Interacting with Other Biomolecules

-- Peptide Small Molecule Delivery

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