The Introduction of Floral:

Flowers have long been admired for their beauty and enchanting scents, and now their essence can be captured and incorporated into a wide range of products. Floral essences, also known as floral extracts or floral absolutes, are derived from the petals, leaves, or stems of various blossoms. These essences are carefully extracted using advanced techniques to preserve the delicate fragrance and flavor profiles of the flowers.

ALL Chemistry pride itself on sourcing high quality floral essences and flavors. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each product captures the true essence of the flowers it represents. Whether you seek to create a signature perfume, add a floral twist to your culinary creations, or infuse your surroundings with the beauty of flowers, our collection of floral essences and flavors is sure to inspire and delight. Experience the enchantment of flowers with our exquisite range of floral essences and flavors.


Fig 1 Floral Essence

Uses of Floral:


The use of floral elements in the field of flavor and fragrances has a long and rich history, dating back centuries. Flowers have been valued for their aromatic properties and have been used to enhance the taste and smell of various products. From perfumes to culinary creations, floral essences have played a significant role in creating unique and captivating experiences for the senses.

--The Production of Perfumes: Flowers such as roses, jasmine, lavender, and lilies are commonly used to extract their essential oils, which are then incorporated into perfumes. These floral essences add depth, complexity, and a sense of elegance to the final product. The delicate and captivating scents of flowers have the power to evoke emotions and create lasting impressions.


Fig 2 Perfume

--Culinary World: Edible flowers like violets, lavender, and hibiscus are used to infuse desserts, beverages, and even savory dishes with their unique flavors. The floral notes can range from subtle and delicate to bold and vibrant, offering a wide range of possibilities for culinary creativity.

--Personal Care Products: Such as soaps, lotions, and candles. The soothing and calming properties of flowers like chamomile, rose, and lavender makes them ideal ingredients for products intended to promote relaxation and well-being. The scents of these flowers can create a serene atmosphere, transforming a simple daily routine into a luxurious sensory experience.

The use of floral in the field of flavor and fragrances is not only limited to natural sources. Advances in technology have allowed scientists to recreate floral scents and flavors through synthetic means. This has opened up new possibilities for creating unique and exotic combinations that were previously unattainable. Synthetic floral compounds can be manipulated to enhance certain aspects of a fragrance or flavor, allowing for greater control and customization.


Product Description:


At ALL Chemistry, we have curated a collection of floral essences that will transport you to a world of sensory delight. From perfumes to culinary creations, our flower line offers a range of products that are sure to captivate your senses and elevate your experiences.

In our perfumes, we have carefully selected the most enchanting flowers to create captivating scents that linger on the skin. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted, capturing the essence of nature's most beautiful blooms.

For culinary enthusiasts, our floral line offers a plethora of possibilities. Our edible flowers, sourced from the finest growers, are perfect for infusing your dishes and beverages with unique and delightful flavors. From delicate violets to vibrant hibiscus, our range of edible flowers will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your culinary creations.

We have incorporated our floral essences into a range of personal care products. Our soaps, lotions, and candles are infused with the soothing and calming properties of flowers such as chamomile, rose, and lavender.

At ALL Chemistry, we take pride in our commitment to quality and authenticity. Our floral line is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that each product embodies the true essence of the flower it represents. Discover the world of flavors and fragrances that awaits you in our floral line at ALL Chemistry.


Product Advantage:


High-quality Raw Materials: strictly select imported raw materials to improve the quality of spices and flavors from the source.

Skilled Technology: by using the essence ripening technology, the flowers go through an important ripening process, and the raw materials fully react, and the prepared essence is mellow, rich and lasting.

Stable Quality: strict purchasing standards and precise formula production make the quality of each batch of essence stable and always maintain high quality.


Technical Parameters:


Floral Essence: Our floral line consists of carefully extracted and distilled essences from a variety of exquisite flowers, including roses, jasmine, lavender, and lilies.

Concentration: Our floral essences are highly concentrated, ensuring a long-lasting and captivating fragrance or flavor experience.

Purity: We guarantee the purity of our floral essences, free from any artificial additives or synthetic compounds. Our products are 100% natural and authentic.

Solubility: ALL Chemistry’s floral essences are easily soluble in a variety of mediums, making them versatile for use in perfumes, culinary creations, and personal care products.


Packaging Specifications:


Bottle Size: Our flower essences are available in various bottle sizes, ranging from 500 g to 5 kg. This allows for flexibility in choosing the appropriate quantity for your specific needs.

Labeling: Our packaging includes clear and informative labels, providing essential details such as the flower essence used, concentration, and any additional instructions or warnings.

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