The Introduction of Diterpenoids:


Diterpenoids are chemical compounds containing 20 carbon atoms and belong to the terpenoid class. They derive from geranylgeraniol, a C20 precursor, have a C20H32 basic structure, and are composed of four isoprene units. Diterpenoids can be classified as linear, bicyclic, tricyclic, tetracyclic, pentacyclic, or macrocyclic diterpenes depending on their skeletal core. Diterpenoids (diterpenes) occur in many plants used for their reputed medicinal properties and have been of interest as potential phytopharmaceuticals in the form of standardized plant extracts. Many plants produce diterpenoids as secondary metabolites, which serve various biological functions. These compounds often contribute to the plant's defense mechanisms against herbivores, pests, and pathogens. One of the most widely investigated phytopharmaceuticals is Ginkgo biloba, which has produced promising outcomes on memory and cognitive functions in numerous clinical studies.

Diterpenoid natural products cover a vast chemical diversity and include many medicinally and industrially relevant compounds. A diterpenoid molecule may also include alcohol, phenol, aldehyde, cheton, or acidic functional groups. These compounds are highly lipophilic, odorless, and may possess strong flavours. They are found mainly in fungi and in resins of higher-order plants, as typical products of plant metabolism. Diterpenoids are a diverse class of natural compounds that play important roles in various biological processes. Their presence in plants, fungi, and marine organisms highlights their significance in nature. The pharmacological properties exhibited by diterpenoids make them promising candidates for the development of new drugs. Further research into the biosynthesis, isolation, and characterization of diterpenoids will undoubtedly contribute to our understanding of their biological functions and potential applications in medicine.


Fig 1 Novaxenicin A

Classification of Diterpenoids:


--Bicyclic Diterpenoids: Bicyclic diterpenoids are characterized by their two fused rings, they exhibit a wide range of biological activities and have been extensively studied for their pharmacological properties. Clerodane diterpenes are the natural group of secondary metabolites holding the utmost pharmacological significance. These are bicyclic structures consisting of a fused ring (decalin moiety from C-1 to C-10) with a six-carbon side chain (C-11 to C-16) attached at C-9. The labdane-related diterpenoids are a special group, consisting of over 7000 members, which are distinguished by their unique biosynthesis.

--Tricyclic Diterpenoids: Tricyclic diterpenoids, as the name suggests, contain three fused rings. They are often found in plants and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Abietane is a class of diterpenoids with excellent metabolic profile. Compounds of this class showed broad-spectrum antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal activity. The abietatriene lactones are a group of compounds that possess an oxygen-containing ring that predominantly is in the form of lactones (i.e., abietatrien-20,7-olides). This group of abietanes are exemplified by carnosol (11,12-dihydroxy-8,11,13-20,7-olide).

--Tetracyclic Diterpenoids: Tetracyclic diterpenoids contain four fused rings, making them structurally more complex. They are commonly found in plants and marine organisms. Cyathus is a genus of fungi in the Nidulariaceae, a family collectively known as the bird’s nest fungi. Such compounds are named so, as they resemble tiny bird’s nests filled with “eggs,” structures large enough to have been mistaken in the past for seeds. Indole diterpenes are a broad class of secondary metabolites with enormous structural and functional diversity. They mostly occur in filamentous fungal members having the most abundance in Penicillium, Aspergillus, Neotyphodium, and Claviceps.

Bicyclic, tricyclic, and tetracyclic diterpenoids represent an important class of natural compounds with diverse biological activities. Their presence in plants, fungi, and marine organisms highlights their significance in nature. The pharmacological properties exhibited by these diterpenoids make them promising candidates for the development of new drugs. Continued research into these compounds will contribute to our knowledge of their biological roles and potential therapeutic applications.


Product Description:


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Neocaesalpin L








Excisanin A




Hebeirubescensin H




20-Deoxyingenol 3-angelate




ent-3β-Hydroxykaur-16-en-19-oic acid




12α-Hydroxygrandiflorenic acid








Euphorbia factor L1



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