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Researches on signaling pathways and related targets on these pathways are of great importance to explore the pathogenesis of diseases and discover targeted drugs. Small-molecule inhibitors offer a targeted approach to treatment and are expected to have fewer adverse side effects. They are developed to target any portion of a molecule, regardless of the target’s cellular location.


ALL Chemistry Inc. provides a variety of small molecule inhibitors of more than 20 signaling pathways or research areas for research and development, which include DNA Damage/DNA Repair, Cell Cycle/Checkpoint, JAK/STAT Signaling Pathway, MAPK Signaling Pathway, GPCR/G protein, Angiogenesis, Immunology/Inflammation, Endocrinology and Hormones, Cancer Biology, Metabolism, Stem Cell, etc. All ALL-Chemistry Inc.’s products are delivered with a complete analytical data package, including full spectroscopic analysis and COAs, as well as specified chemical purity by NMR, HPLC, MS and elemental analysis. Kinds of library products are in stock and ready to ship. Meanwhile, ALL Chemistry Inc. offers customized inhibitor compound library service at various stages, from compound library creation, storage, to management.


Our custom service allows you to design a completely custom compound library to meet your exact screening requirements. You can choose:


* Specific compounds

* Quantities

* Plate Map (96/384-well)

* Concentration (5 - 50 mM)

* Format (Pre-dissolved DMSO Solution or Solid)


Also, we will track the latest scientific innovations to update our database and bring the newest small molecules to our clients. We promise you: 

    -- Safety and Effective: Bioactivity and safety confirmed by literature, patent reports and preclinical/clinical research

    -- Stringent Quality Control: LC/MS, HPLC and NMR reports

    -- Turnaround time: Typically 3-4 week

    -- Documents: Plate layout, IC50 


Besides, you can send us your research target and we'll custom the feasible screening library. Please feel free to contact us at to get more information. 

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