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Bioactivity testing refers to the process of evaluating the biological activity of a substance or compound, usually in the context of drug development or other biomedical research. This can involve a range of assays and experiments designed to measure the effects of the substance on living cells or organisms, such as determining the potency or efficacy of a drug, assessing its toxicity or side effects, or testing its ability to interact with specific biological targets. Bioactivity testing is a critical step in the drug discovery process, as it provides vital information about the potential therapeutic effects and safety of new compounds, which can help guide further development and optimization. It involves testing the biological activity of a drug candidate in vitro or in vivo to determine its efficacy, potency, and safety. Custom bioactivity testing services offer researchers and pharmaceutical companies the ability to tailor their testing to their specific needs and requirements. Custom bioactivity testing services are important because they allow researchers to design tests that are specific to their drug candidates and research objectives. This can help to improve the accuracy and relevance of the testing, as well as reduce the time and costs associated with drug development.


ALL Chemistry Inc. provides custom bioactivity testing services, which are tailored testing solutions to meet specific research or drug development needs. We use advanced technologies and techniques to evaluate the biological activity of compounds, including small molecules, proteins, antibodies, and other biomolecules. Our custom bioactivity testing services include a range of assays and experiments, such as cell-based assays, enzyme activity assays, receptor binding assays, and in vivo testing, among others. ALL Chemistry Inc. works with clients to design and optimize assays, develop protocols and workflows, and provide detailed reports and data analysis to support research or drug development projects.


We may help you in drug discovery and development, including:


Assessing the efficacy of drug candidates in vitro or in vivo

Evaluating the safety and toxicity of drug candidates

Determining the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of drug candidates

Developing assays for high-throughput screening of drug candidates

Investigating the mechanisms of action of drug candidates


ALL Chemistry Inc. offers a range of custom bioactivity testing services to support drug discovery and development. Our services include:


In vitro bioactivity testing using cell-based assays, enzyme assays, and binding assays.

Bioassays Include, but are not limited to Proliferation Assays, Cytotoxicity/Survival/Apoptosis, Cellular Differentiation, Reporter Assays, Cytokine Induction, Chemotaxis, Cell Adhesion, Signal Transduction, Neuronal Assays, Ligand/Receptor Binding

In vivo bioactivity testing using animal models

Safety and toxicity testing using cell-based assays and animal models

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis using LC-MS/MS and other analytical techniques

Assay development and optimization for high-throughput screening

Our experienced team of scientists uses state-of-the-art technologies and processes to provide our clients with high-quality and reliable bioactivity testing services. Contact us today to learn more about our custom bioactivity testing services and how we can support your drug discovery and development needs.

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