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A compound library or chemical library is a collection of stored chemicals usually used ultimately in high-throughput screening or industrial manufacture. Trust ALL Chemistry' rich experience in small molecule production to further your research with expertly selected compound library.


Introduction of Compound Library


Custom Compound Library Service is a specialized service that offers a comprehensive range of compound libraries tailored to meet the unique needs of researchers and scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic sectors. Depending upon their scope (specific goal or diverse oriented goal) and design (chemical space or scaffold), the compound libraries can be classified as Focused Bioactive Libraries, Natural Product Libraries, Fragment Libraries, and Diversity Sets. As an important tool for drug screening, compound library determines the speed and quality of small molecule drug research and development. All of these compound libraries and their screening approaches have their own particular advantages and disadvantages.

These libraries have been extensively validated in our in- house biological assays and widely employed by research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in complementary screening strategies. Identifying novel and robust chemical starting points remains one of the biggest challenges in drug discovery today. Over the last decade, it has been common practice during the early stage of a project to screen vast numbers of compounds that cover larger section of chemical space evenly (diversity-led paradigm) in high-throughput assays in order to identify those chemicals which have the potential to modulate the target of interest. The costly nature of such mass screening, the consequent need to use reductionist assays that are optimized primarily for scale and speed, and the increasing realization that drug property space is far from random has more recently led to the use of smaller, higher quality screening collections (target-led approaches).


Fig.1 Native Compounds


Classification of Compound Library


--Bioactive Compound Library: The library of bioactive compounds is a small molecule containing 40,000 known biological activities. These include some drugs that have been put on the market or are in the clinical stage, some classic active small molecules with clear targets, and some small molecules that have shown good biological activity in literature reports. the active compound library also contains many well-received classic compound libraries, such as FDA listed drug library, clinical drug library, anti-tumor library, biological activity classic library and biological activity novel library.

--Natural Compound Library: Natural products are chemicals produced by nature, which have pharmacological or biological activities. They are widely available and can be extracted from cells, tissues or secretions of plants, animals and microorganisms. Natural products have various structures, including sugars, glycosides, phenylpropanoids, quinones, flavonoids, terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids, phenols, acids and aldehydes. Because of its extensive biological activities, natural products have become an important source of lead compounds in pharmaceutical industry, and have attracted much attention from experts in drug research and development and drug design.

--Fragment Library: Fragment-based drug design (FBDD) is a de novo drug design method. Its theoretical basis is to select favorable fragment combinations or extensions to obtain new drug molecules and obtain high-activity drug candidates. Different from screening analogues of known compounds, the essence of FBDD method is to cultivate and design drugs. In FBDD, establishing a high-quality fragment library is a prerequisite.


Custom Compound Library at ALL Chemistry


Compound library is a collection of solid compounds with specific structure or function and their related information under a certain standard. It is usually used as a tool for new drug discovery or cell induction to help scientists find the emerging compounds of new drug research and development or the implementers of specific cell functions. ALL Chemistry can provide you with a variety of molecular libraries, in addition, we also provide customized compound libraries according to your specific needs. You can not only choose the required product form such as powder and solution; You can also choose packaging bottles or 96-well plates, and even choose from the properties of products, such as drugs with anti-tumor activity on the market.

Each compound of ALL Chemistry has detailed biological activity data and/or clear and accurate physical and chemical structure information. These high-quality compound libraries can be used for high-throughput screening (HTS), high content screening (HCS) and virtual screening (VS), and are professional tools for new drug research and development and new indications exploration. Customers can select compounds, format (powder/liquid), size and plate map based on our bioactive compound database of > 4,000 molecules and inhibitors to construct a customized library. We will also follow the latest scientific innovations to update our database and bring the newest small molecules to our clients. Custom Compound Library Service can be divided into the following categories:

Bioactive Compound Library Service

GPCR Compound Library

Stem Cell Signaling Compound Library

Anti-Cancer Compound Library

FDA-approved Small Molecule Library

Cambridge Cancer Compound Library

Pfizer Licensed Compound Library

Autophagy Compound Library

Apoptosis Compound Library

Anti-Infection Compound Library


Custom Inhibitor Libraries Services


Inhibitor Library Service

Kinase Inhibitor Library Service

Target Selective Inhibitor Library Service

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library Service

Ion Channel Ligand Library Service

PI3K/Akt Inhibitor Library Service

MAPK Inhibitor Library Service

Protease Inhibitor Library Service


Alternatively, you can send us your research target and we will customize the feasible screening library. Please contact us for more information. 


Advantages of Our Services


Guarantee integrity with small molecules covering a wide range of pharmacological targets and research areas.

Safety and Effective: all compounds are confirmed by literature, patent reports and clinical research.

Trust your results with selective, biologically active compounds that have proven pharmacological activity.

Stringent Quality Control: LC/MS and NMR reports, and ensure reproducibility with quality-controlled compounds

Be fully informed with detailed biological and chemical information for each compound.

Adapt libraries to your requirements with our PRO Custom Library Service.


Project Workflow


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